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Study Guide for Med-Surg Nursing

Study Guide for Med-Surg Nursing

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Get an in-depth review of the medical-surgical nursing Concepts and Exemplars covered in Ignatavicius's Medical-Surgical Nursing: Concepts for Clinical Judgment and Collaborative Care, 11th Edition and develop your clinical judgment skills! Corresponding to the chapters in the Ignatavicius textbook, this thoroughly updated study guide is a practical tool to help you review, practice, and apply medical-surgical nursing concepts. Traditional review questions now include exercises and item types for the Next-Generation NCLEX(R) Exam (NGN) to reinforce your understanding of the textbook's nursing concepts and their application to exemplar disorders. Answers and rationales make it easy to improve upon any areas of weakness. With this study guide, you will prepare for success in class, on the NGN, and in medical-surgical nursing practice.

  • Complete review of textbook information
  • builds your clinical judgment skills and enhances your ability to make safe and effective clinical decisions.
  • UNIQUE! Emphasis on the textbook's Concepts and Exemplar disorders highlights key medical-surgical nursing concepts and how they are reflected in common health conditions.
  • Hundreds of review questions allow you to practice prioritizing, develop clinical judgment, simulate interprofessional collaboration, and apply the steps of the nursing process and clinical judgment cognitive skills.
  • Multiple-choice and multiple-select questions for the NCLEX(R) Exam are included in addition to the questions for the NGN, to better prepare you for all item types included in the NGN.
  • Answer Keys now follow each chapter and include in-depth rationales to reinforce your understanding and boost your test-taking skills.
  • NEW! Updated content
  • aligns with revisions and updates in the Ignatavicius Medical-Surgical Nursing, 11th Edition textbook, reflecting the most current national and international guidelines and protocols.
  • NEW! Exercises and questions for the Next-Generation NCLEX(R) Exam (NGN) are now included, all aligned with the NCSBN Clinical Judgment Measurement Model's six cognitive skills that are needed to make appropriate clinical judgments, deliver safe care, and increase readiness for the NGN.
  • NEW! Added variety of study and review questions includes formats such as fill-in-the-blank, matching, and more to promote understanding and application of key information.
  • NEW! New full-color design and illustrations clarify concepts and promote in-depth learning.
  • Survey of Mathematics w Applications MyLab Math 18 week standalone Access Card

    Survey of Mathematics w Applications MyLab Math 18 week standalone Access Card

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    Taber's Cyclo Med Dic 24E

    Taber's Cyclo Med Dic 24E

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    Taber's brings meanings to life.

    In hand, online or mobile...the all-in-one, go-to source for classroom, clinic, and beyond.
    Put the language of nursing, medicine, and the healthcare professions at your fingertips. In hand, online, or on your mobile device--anywhere and everywhere, Taber's 24 is the all-in-one, go-to source in the classroom, clinical, and beyond.

    Under the editorial direction of Donald Venes, MD, MSJ, a team of expert consulting editors and consultants representing nearly every health care profession ensures that the content reflects today's most current and relevant information.

    An access code inside new, print texts unlocks a FREE, 1-year subscription to Taber's Online, powered by Unbound Medicine, the complete Taber's database for quick reference when and where you need it.

    See what students and practitioners are saying about the previous edition...

    Five Stars "What every medical student, student nurse, paramedic student, and medical professional should have."--Kelly, Online Reviewer

    EVERYTHING A NURSING STUDENT NEEDS. "My school did not recommend this book, but I remembered this book from LPN school and how much it helped with care planning. It's much easier to carry than all the textbooks to clinicals too! LOVE this newest version too!!"--Melissa A. B., Online Reviewer

    Nursing school life saver. "This book has been a great for my clinical experience databases. I love how it's broken into sections for easy access and understanding. My school offers an electronic edition for free to us, but I like hard copy books."--P.M., Online Reviewer

    Gotta Have It! "I have thoroughly used this dictionary already in my schooling! I am sure it will help me in many days to come."--Christina M., Online Reviewer

    Very Informative! "Love that I have access to the online version that makes it quicker to find terms needed for class."--Kelly V., Online Reviewer

    Great book. "I use it for nursing school during my clinicals and it is perfect."--Online Reviewer



    $90.00 - $120.00
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    Provide the practical tools and strategies teachers need to meet the diverse academic and social needs of all students.

    Teaching Students Who Are Exceptional, Diverse, and at Risk in the General Education Classroom is the ideal guide for classroom teachers who identify students with special needs as both their greatest challenges and often their greatest rewards. With its numerous learning activities and sample lessons--plus stories from teachers, students, and parents--it strongly focuses on applying practical, proven strategies for effective teaching and learning. The authors go above and beyond simply describing curriculum adaptations by providing step-by-step procedures for implementing those adaptations in the actual classroom. After reading this book, pre- and in-service teachers alike are armed with the tools and confidence they need to effectively meet their students' diverse academic, behavioral, and social needs.

    Also available with MyLab Education

    MyLabTM Education is an online homework, tutorial, and assessment program designed to work with the text to engage students and improve results. Within its structured environment, students see key concepts demonstrated through video clips, practice what they learn, test their understanding, and receive feedback to guide their learning.

    Note: You are purchasing a standalone product; MyLab Education does not come packaged with this content. Students, if interested in purchasing this title with MyLab Education, ask your instructor to confirm the correct package ISBN and Course ID. Instructors, contact your Pearson representative for more information.
    If you would like to purchase both the physical text and MyLab Education, search for:

    0134995724 / 9780134995724 Teaching Students Who are Exceptional, Diverse, and At Risk in the General Education Classroom, plus MyLab Education with Enhanced Pearson eText, Access Card Package

    Package consists of:

  • 0134895096 / 9780134895093 Teaching Students Who are Exceptional, Diverse, and At Risk in the General Educational Classroom
  • 0134574370 / 9780134574370 MyLab Education with Enhanced Pearson eText -- Access Card -- for Teaching Students Who are Exceptional, Diverse, and At Risk in the General Education Classroom
  • The Pharmacy Technician Textbook

    The Pharmacy Technician Textbook

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    For introductory pharmacy technician courses.
    Filling the need for a comprehensive pharmacy technician resource
    The Pharmacy Technician: Foundations and Practices
    addresses today's comprehensive educational needs for one of the fastest growing jobs in the US: the pharmacy technician. Aspiring pharmacy technicians learn all the content they need to meet professional regulations and requirements, from pharmacy law and insurance mandates to dosage calculations, pharmacology, and basic anatomy & physiology. Step-by-step guidance in essential pharmacy tasks, combined with extensive review, reinforces practical knowledge. With nearly 500 updates and revisions, the 3rd edition addresses the most current pharmacy technician practices and fully aligns with the 2019--20 Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE) of the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB).



    $9.75 - $12.95
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    With more than three million copies of previous editions in print, this classic exercise manual has shown Americans from all walks of life the route from fatness to fitness. Now Covert Bailey has totally rewritten and revised FIT OR FAT for the first time since the book's original publication in the mid-1970s. His dramatically new approach to fitness incorporates the most recent scientific findings. Weightlifting, whose fat-burning potential is only now becoming fully understood, plays a large role in Bailey's new program, which stresses what he calls "the four food groups" of exercise: aerobics, cross-training, wind sprints, and weightlifting. He also stresses the importance of intense exercise, showing readers how to build intensity into their daily programs safely and effectively. Covert Bailey's ULTIMATE FIT OR FAT will not only be of interest to a new health-conscious generation but will be eagerly sought out by the millions of readers who have come to rely on the Bailey approach to keep their bodies in peak condition.

    Understanding Basic Motor Controls

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    Vista 7e SSPlus(v)(12m)

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    Visualizing Nutrition

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    Welding Print Reading (2024)

    Welding Print Reading (2024)

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    Welding Print Reading is a write-in text that teaches the welding symbols and specifications students need to understand to be successful. Logically organized with good graphics and charts, the format allows students to apply their knowledge to skill-based print reading activities. In addition to aspiring welders who want to learn to interpret prints and drawings, the content is appropriate for students wanting to pursue careers in engineering and drafting. The text starts by reviewing the basics, including welding processes, and then progresses to more specialized topics, such as prints for pipe welding and brazed joints. Real industry prints in the units, plus additional prints and questions at the end of the text, provide students with more practice opportunities. Electronic print files of the drawings are available in the Instructor Resources for in-class demonstration and flexible use.