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More students get accounting when using Weygandt's Financial Accounting, 9th Edition because of the unique Framework of Success created and refined by the authors based on years of teaching and course design experience. The Team for Success is focused on helping millennial students get the most out of their accounting courses in the digital age, and on helping instructors deliver the most effective courses whether face-to-face, hybrid, or online with model course plans designed for easy and effective implementation. Financial Accounting, 9th Edition by Weygandt, Kimmel, Kieso provides students with a clear and comprehensive introduction to financial accounting that begins with the building blocks of the accounting cycle. WileyPLUS sold separately from text.

FISDAP Assessment Package: Paramedic 1st ed.

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Assess For Success With Fisdap'S Suite Of Exams For Emts And Paramedics. The Assessment Package Includes Unit Exams, Study Tools, And Comprehensive Exams. Unit Exams - Test Early And Often. A Series Of Secure, Computer Based Tests For EMT And Paramedic Students. Use The Unit Exams To Diagnose Your Students' Strengths And Weaknesses Throughout The Course. Study Tools - Online, Go-Anywhere Test Prep Accounts For Paramedics And Emts. Educational Quizzes, Podcasts And Exams Prepare Students For Certification Exams Like The Registry--Or Even Fisdap'S Tests. Study Tools Is Perfect For Students Who Want To Study At Home. Comprehensive Exams - Over 97% Of Students Who Pass Our Tests Pass The NREMT On Their First Attempt. A Secure, Computer-Based Exam That Tests Students' Registry-Readiness. Instant, Personalized Feedback Shows Students Where To Focus Their Studying To Help Them Improve.


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Learn the skills essential to clinical practice with Foundations and Adult Health Nursing, 8th Edition! This all-inclusive guide to fundamentals and medical-surgical nursing for the LPN/LVN covers everything from anatomy and physiology to nursing interventions and maternity, neonatal, pediatric, geriatric, mental health, and community health care. Guidelines for patient care are presented within the framework of the nursing process; Nursing Care Plans are described within a case-study format to help you develop skills in clinical decision-making. In addition, the accessible, friendly overall style and clearly written review questions helps you to prepare for the NCLEX-PN(R) examination.

  • Clear coverage of skills across the human lifespan
  • includes maternity, pediatrics, adults, and older adults.
  • Full-color, step-by-step instructions for over 110 skills show nursing techniques and procedures along with rationales for each.
  • Tenth grade reading level helps you to understand complex topics.
  • Skills are presented in a step-by-step format with clearly defined nursing actions and rationales.
  • Mathematics review in Dosage Calculation and Medication Administration chapter covers basic arithmetic skills prior to the discussion of medication administration.
  • Safety Alerts cover issues related to safe patient care in a variety of settings.
  • Health Promotion Considerations boxes highlight information on wellness and disease prevention, including infection control, diet, and pregnancy.
  • Nursing Care Plans emphasize patient goals and outcomes within a case-study format, and promotes clinical decision-making with critical thinking questions at the end of each care plan.
  • Patient Teaching boxes include post-hospital discharge guidelines and disease prevention instructions with a strong focus on three-way communication among the nurse, patient, and family members.
  • Communication boxes illustrate communication strategies using real-life examples of nurse-patient dialogue.
  • Lifespan Consideration boxes provide you with age-specific information for the care of the patient.
  • Home Health Considerations boxes discuss issues facing patients and their caregivers in the home setting.
  • Get Ready for the NCLEX(R) Examination section at the end of each chapter provides Key Points, Review Questions, and Critical Thinking Activities to reinforce learning.
  • Coordinated Care boxes promote comprehensive patient care with other members of the health care team, focusing on prioritization, assignment, supervision, collaboration, delegation, and leadership topics.
  • NEW! Expanded and updated art program
  • enhances content with original photos and line art.
  • NEW! NCLEX-PN Review questions at the end of each chapter include alternate item formats and cover all chapter objectives.
  • NEW! Reorganized chapters make it easier for you to follow and understand the material.
  • Expanded and updated Cultural Considerations boxes explore specific health and cultural issues to help you address the needs of the increasingly diverse patient and resident populations.
  • Foundations and Adult Health Nursing 9th

    Foundations and Adult Health Nursing 9th

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    Foundations and Adult Health Study Guide

    Foundations and Adult Health Study Guide

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    Reinforce your understanding of LPN/LVN fundamentals and medical-surgical nursing! Corresponding to the chapters in Foundations and Adult Health Nursing, 9th Edition, this study guide provides a variety of exercises to help you review, practice, and apply nursing concepts and skills, and care for patients with common disorders. Review questions make it easier to achieve the objectives from the textbook, and critical thinking activities help you develop clinical judgment skills. Now with Next Generation NCLEX(R) (NGN)-style case studies and questions, this guide helps you prepare for the NCLEX-PN(R) examination.

  • Variety of exercises
  • reinforces your understanding of adult health nursing with multiple-choice, matching, and select-all-that-apply questions, as well as crossword puzzles.
  • Critical thinking activities ask you to apply your knowledge to clinical scenarios.
  • Textbook page references are included for questions and activities, simplifying lookup and review.
  • Answer key is provided on the Evolve website for Foundations and Adult Health Nursing.
  • NEW! Next Generation NCLEX(R) (NGN)-style questions
  • provide practice for the new question formats on the NCLEX-PN(R) exam.
  • NEW! Updated exercises correspond to the new and revised content in Foundations and Adult Health Nursing, 9th Edition.
  • NEW! Case studies allow you to practice and apply clinical judgment skills.


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    How to create a menu from start to finish! Foundations of Menu Planning guides readers through the menu planning process in the same order in which a professional menu planner conducts the process. Menus are marketing mechanisms, cost control tools, and critical communication devices for successful food service operations. Beginning with identifying and defining a target market, the book progresses through understanding various menu styles, creating beverage menus, costing recipes, determining menu prices, and analyzing and engineering an existing menu. A unique chapter on unwritten menus, a capstone project for creating an original menu, and a concluding look at the menu-first approach to building a successful foodservice operation reinforce the book's reputation as the most comprehensive resource of its kind on the market. The Second Edition incorporates a wide range of new information including: strategies for incorporating nutrition into menus based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015-2020 and shifts in menu pricing strategies from the traditional table d'hote to the more contemporary prix fixe with supplemental charges. Also included are trends in menu planning, from small plates and signature cocktails, to online menu design and layout and menu engineering to maximize profitability.

    Franklin Covey 7 Habits - 2ed

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    Fundamentals of Human Resource Management: Functions, Applications, Skill Developmenttakes a unique three-pronged approach that gives students a clear understanding of important HRM concepts and functions, shows them how to apply those concepts, and helps them build a strong skill set they can use in their personal and professional lives. Covering the vast majority the 210 required SHRM Curriculum Guidebook topics required for undergraduates, Fundamentals of Human Resource Management gives the student the ability to successfully manage others in today's work environment. Authors Robert N. Lussier and John R. Hendon engage students with a variety of high-quality applications and skill development exercises to improve students' comprehension and retention. The authors' emphasis on current trends and the challenges facing HR managers and line managers today provide students with key insights on important issues and prepare them for successful careers.

    Fundamentals of Python

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    Students save money when purchasing bundled products. This bundle contains a loose-leaf version of Fundamentals of Python: First Programs, 2nd Edition, and access to MindTap for 1 term. With a single login for MindTap, you can connect with your instructor, organize coursework, and have access to a range of study tools, including e-book and apps all in one place! MindTap helps you learn on your terms. Read or listen to textbooks and study with the aid of instructor notifications, flashcards, and practice quizzes.

    Fundamentals: Cosmo Study Guide

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