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KEY BENEFIT Explore the world of international cooking with Patricia Heyman's Third Edition of International Cooking: A Culinary Journey. Streamlined yet comprehensive, this text will take you on a journey as you closely examine world cuisines with an emphasis on how they've developed and evolved over time. Each chapter brings the featured cuisine to life, beginning with a large, high-quality regional map and an exploration of the history, topography, cooking methods, common foods, flavorings, and general characteristics of each cuisine. Nearly 400 recipes, including breads and wine pairings where appropriate, represent a rich variety of foods and dishes from around the world. The text emphasizes flavor components that are unique to each cuisine, allowing readers to deepen their understanding of the relationships between regions and cuisines, while also learning about fusion and contemporary cooking. The Third Edition includes new recipes in every chapter, hundreds of new and updated photographs, and new maps. KEY TOPICS British Isles; Spain and Portugal; France; Italy; Germany; Scandinavia; Russia and Eastern Europe; The Countries of Africa; Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, Greece, and Turkey; Israel; China; Japan and Korea; Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and The Philippines; India; Australia and New Zealand; Mexico; South America; Caribbean Islands MARKET For anyone from culinary novice to expert interested in exploring the history, culture, flavors, and preparation of international or global cuisines.
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February 9, 2016